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Members of the Board

Francis House and Francis Lodge were built and are operated by the Francis House Family Trust.

Charity No. 328659
Company Registration No. 2519173

Registered Office:
Francis House Family Trust
390 Parrswood Road
M20 5NA

Francis House Family Trust is a ‘Company Limited by Guarantee’ and not having a share capital.
The Trustees (who are also directors for the purposes of company law) are:


Mr Christopher Roberts (Chairman)
Right Reverend Terence Brain, Bishop Emeritus
Monsignor Thomas Mulheran
Mrs Judith Amosi-Khodadad
Dr Susan O’Halloran
Mr Martin Lochery
Reverend Bernard Wilson
Dr Susan Kirk
Mr Charles Ledigo
Mr Vijay Srivastrava
Mr Mike Redfearn

The Secretary to the Trustees is the Reverend David Ireland

The Trustees serve on the Council of Management which meets quarterly.
A General meeting is held annually.

General operational decisions are made by the Administrator (Reverend David Ireland) and Director of Care (Gill Bevin) with reference to the following Trustees sub committees:

i) Fundraising
ii) Finance

Terms of Reference

i) Reserves policy decisions are a matter for the Trustees meeting.
ii) Operational finance decisions are delegated to the Finance sub-committee.
iii) All contracts relating to fundraising operations are to be referred to the Trustees.
iv) Revenue decisions are delegated to the Finance sub-committee.
v) All decisions which affect the legal, ethical or philosophical status of the Trust are to be referred to the Trustees Council of Management.