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What Can I Do To Help?

Fundraising Stories

People do many different things to help raise money for Francis House. Whether its five pounds or five hundred it’s all welcome and all goes towards providing the same care and attention our children and families deserve.   As a caring organisation we are always touched and amazed at the lengths some people go to in challenging themselves to raise a certain amount or by testing themselves to the limit.   We often hear the story of a fundraising effort which has kept people going where they would have normally given up. The thing which drives people on is the thought of what they are doing it all for and the people they would be letting down if they stopped. It takes a lot to come out and say “I’m doing this for charity” as you are announcing to the public that you are going to complete the task.   On the other hand, the charity aspect of the challenge is the thing which motivates people to get out there and do something. How would people complete a marathon, or climb a mountain without something to keep them going?

Let us know your fundraising challenge and be an inspiration to others!

Friends push themselves to the limit Here’s the story of two friends from Cheshire who put their stamina to the test in a gruelling 56-mile hike in treacherous weather. There’s no limit on what you can do – set your creative side free. Everything from organising a coffee morning to climbing Mount Everest, if it’s something you’re passionate about its more likely you will see it through.   Think of us if you have decided to run the London Marathon, swim the Channel or are considering a change of hairstyle with a head shave!   You could also put one of our collecting tins on the pub bar or the counter of your shop and encourage your customers to donate their small change.  Every penny counts!

For information and advice please contact Peter Forster Fundraising Office Manager on 0161 443 2200 or email

Knit a Chick for 2018

Across Knitted chicks for Francis HouseEach year we appeal to supporters to send in little knitted chicks that can cover chocolate eggs and be sold across Manchester to raise funds for the hospice.  More than 40,000 knitted chicks were knitted in 2018 raising a staggering £51k, the highest amount raised since the appeal began! For Easter 2019 we are inviting knitters to get creative with colour and send in unique chicks with plenty of personality!  For more information please contact

You can download the here Knitted Easter Chicks Pattern 2019 and the Crochet Easter Chicks Pattern 2019. Plus we now have a knitting pattern for Easter bunnies! Knitted Easter Bunnies Pattern 2019

Having a clear out?

Through our recycling partnership with BIU Group, your unwanted clothes, shoes and textiles can earn funds for Francis House.

Our textile banks can be found all across Greater Manchester and Rossendale, meaning you can easily visit your nearest bank to get rid of all your old gear. Your donations will be sold to second-hand clothing traders in the UK and worldwide, or recycled into mattress filling or insulation if they’re no longer in wearable condition.

Francis House benefit from an agreed percentage of the proceeds. This means you’re not only contributing to affordable clothing supplies for worldwide communities and helping the environment by reducing waste at landfill sites, but benefiting the children and families of Francis House at the same time.

Find your nearest bank here:

Could you host a textile bank?

Do you own or manage land? Is there space in your car park? Can you spare a small area outside your building? If you think you can help us by hosting one of our banks, please get in touch with our fundraiser, and we will arrange for BIU Group to visit your site and assess the suitability of your space.

In return, you’ll benefit from BIU’s Milestone Scheme, which recognises the generosity of our site hosts by marking your achievements with certificates, social media acknowledgments and press releases as you reach and exceed milestones based on the number of bags collected.

£100k milestone

Thanks to generous clothing contributions from the local community over the last six years, we were thrilled to hit and exceed the £100k milestone in December 2016.

This fantastic amount has provided an important and valued funding stream for the hospice since the partnership began, and we are so grateful to everyone who frequents our many banks with their unwanted textiles.

Please keep your donations coming – here’s to the next £100k!


Event Sponsorship

As well as taking part in our events, a great way that businesses can support Francis House is by providing event sponsorship. This helps to cover our costs and ensure that we raise as much as we possibly can whilst creating enjoyable events for our supporters. It’s also a brilliant way to promote your business, as we will proudly use your logo and acknowledge your support in our event materials, communications and social media posts.

We are currently seeking sponsors for our Cheshire Three Peaks Challenge taking place on June 16th 2019. If you think your business will be able to contribute, please email