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What Can I Do To Help?

Fundraising Stories

People do many different things to help raise money for Francis House. Whether its five pounds or five hundred it’s all welcome and all goes towards providing the same care and attention our children and families deserve.   As a caring organisation we are always touched and amazed at the lengths some people go to in challenging themselves to raise a certain amount or by testing themselves to the limit.   We often hear the story of a fundraising effort which has kept people going where they would have normally given up. The thing which drives people on is the thought of what they are doing it all for and the people they would be letting down if they stopped. It takes a lot to come out and say “I’m doing this for charity” as you are announcing to the public that you are going to complete the task.   On the other hand, the charity aspect of the challenge is the thing which motivates people to get out there and do something. How would people complete a marathon, or climb a mountain without something to keep them going?

Let us know your fundraising challenge and be an inspiration to others!

Next Time We’ll Do It The Other Way Round… Here’s the story of one man who after missing out on being part of the London Marathon decided to forget the idea of 26 miles in favour of a cycle ride the length of Britain. What’s an extra 900+ miles between friends? There’s no limit on what you can do – set your creative side free. Everything from organising a coffee morning to climbing Mount Everest, if it’s something you’re passionate about its more likely you will see it through.   Think of us if you have decided to run the London Marathon, swim the Channel or are considering a change of hairstyle with a head shave!   You could also put one of our collecting tins on the pub bar or the counter of your shop and encourage your customers to donate all those annoying coppers.  Every penny counts!   For information and advice please contact Peter Forster Fundraising Office Manager on 0161 443 2200 or email

Knit a Chick for 2016

Across Knitted chicks for Francis HouseEach year we appeal to supporters to send in little knitted chicks that can cover chocolate eggs and be sold across Manchester to raise funds for the hospice.  More than 8,250 knitted chicks were sold in 2015 raising a staggering £11,133; the highest amount raised since the appeal began.  For Easter 2016 we are inviting knitters to get creative with colour and send in unique chicks with plenty of personality!  For more information please contact

You can download the 2016 Knitting Pattern here.

Have a Spring Clean to Keep It Green…2013

Francis House have teamed up with Bag It Up to bring you a new challenge to help raise funds for Francis House. We are asking schools to encourage their pupils to have a clear out and bring in unwanted clothes, shoes and household textiles that they no longer need.

The more collected, the more money raised for Francis House.

For more on this fundraising partnership call or visit: HELPLINE 01422 418618

Have a Spring Clean To Keep it Green…