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Give As You Earn

Rather like paying tax, Pay as You Earn helps you to pay without really noticing how much tax you are paying to the Inland Revenue. Give as You Earn is a similar thing but it doesn’t have to cost as much!

You tend not to notice things if they’re taken out of your salary before you receive it, so the pounds taken out of your wage packet in the form of Income Tax and National Insurance are not often noticed other than a figure on a wage slip.

Other amounts can be taken out to cover car parking, union fees, social club membership, so why not consider a monthly donation to Francis House.

As little as £5 per month would make a difference and if 1000 people signed up it would produce the magnificent sum of £60,000 a year.

Those making the donation would hardly notice other than having the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping to support the children and families of Francis House.

For further information on all of the above please contact Pauline Armitage on 0161 434 7252.