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Making a Will

I haven’t made a Will, should I?

Most certainly – YES! You can never be absolutely certain that an accident won’t happen to you/or your partner, and a Will can give you peace of mind.

By leaving a Will, you can be sure that your money and possessions will be shared out in accordance with your wishes, thereby providing security for your loved ones in the future.

In your Will you appoint an ‘executor’ which means that you can choose someone you trust to implement the terms of your Will and ensure that your wishes are carried out.

How can my Will help Francis House?

You can include within your Will a legacy to help support the work of Francis House.  This can take three forms:

A Pecuniary Legacy
A gift providing a definite sum of money.

A Specific Legacy
A particular item or piece of property.

A Residuary Legacy

A legacy consisting of all your estate after the debts, costs and specific legacies have been paid.

In addition, because Francis House is a registered charity, a gift to us is not subject to inheritance tax.  We strongly advise you to consult a solicitor when drafting your Will – they will be able to advise you how to include a gift to Francis House.

Making a Will

  • Making a Will isn’t difficult or expensive but we would always recommend that you use a solicitor to prepare the Will for you.  Only a properly drawn up Will is recognised by law, even if you have written down your wishes.
  • Your chosen solicitor will provide you with independent professional advice.
  • You can prepare in advance a list of the estimated assets, outstanding debts, beneficiaries and registered charities that you would like included in your Will. Decide who you would like to be your executors, the person or people you would trust to ensure that your wishes are carried out when you die.

What to do next…

  1. Decide to whom you would wish your assets to be left on your death (please remember to include a gift to Francis House)
  2. Contact your chosen solicitor for an appointment.

If you do not have your own solicitor please contact our fundraising team on 0161 443 2200 and they will be able to provide you with the details of a number of solicitors local to you who specialise in Will writing. Alternatively, the Law Society can put you in touch with a solicitor. They can be contacted on 020 7320 5650 or online at

Your legacy would enable us to continue to provide vital support to children suffering from illnesses for which there is no known cure.

If you wish to discuss anything further about Making a Will and Making a Difference please contact Rachael Taylor on 0161 434 4118