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Making a Will

I haven’t made a Will, should I?

Most certainly – YES! You can never be absolutely certain that an accident won’t happen to you/or your partner, and a Will can give you peace of mind.

By leaving a Will, you can be sure that your money and possessions will be shared out in accordance with your wishes, thereby providing security for your loved ones in the future.

In your Will you appoint an ‘executor’ which means that you can choose someone you trust to implement the terms of your Will and ensure that your wishes are carried out.

How can my Will help Francis House?

You can include within your Will a legacy to help support the work of Francis House.  This can take three forms:

A Pecunary Legacy
A gift providing a definite sum of money.

A Specific Legacy
A particular item or piece of property.

A Residual Legacy

A legacy consisting of all your estate after the debts, costs and specific legacies have been paid.

In addition, because Francis House is a registered charity, a gift to us is not subject to inheritance tax.  We strongly advise you to consult a solicitor when drafting your Will – they will be able to advise you how to include a gift to Francis House.

Making a Will

Francis House Children’s Hospice has teamed up with solicitors across the North West to create a Will scheme.  The solicitors involved in the scheme will provide you with independent professional advice and draw up a basic Will (or update an existing will for you). The solicitors have kindly agreed not to charge for their services, however we ask you to donate a gift to Francis House in lieu of payment.  This offer has been extended to you in the hope that you would include a gift to Francis House within your Will.  Your legacy would enable us to continue to provide vital support to children suffering from illnesses for which there is no known cure.

What to do next…

1. Decide to whom you would wish your assets to be left on your death (please remember to include a gift to Francis House).

2. Choose a solicitor from the list.  Contact their office for an appointment, being sure to mention the Francis House Will scheme.

3. Complete the application form – please contact us for this.

4. At your appointment, hand the completed application form to the solicitor who will then prepare a draft Will for you.

Participating Solicitors

Pluck Andrew & Co. Solicitors
127 Old Street
0161 330 2875

Hague-Lambert Solicitors
15 Byrom Street
Contact: Mr P Horton
0161 834 6066

Sainsbury’s Solicitors
26-28 Ashton Road
Contact: Mr M Sainsbury
0161 336 7027

North Ainley Halliwell Solicitors
34-42 Clegg Street
0161 624 5614

Hough & Co. Solicitors
6 Church Street
01928 733871

Hough & Co. Solicitors
71 High Street
Contact: Mr J G Whittaker
01928 572268

Hague-Lambert Solicitors
131 King Street
01565 652411

Fiona Bruce & Co. Solicitors
3 Grappenhall Road
Stockton Heath
Contact: Mr S Gray
01925 263273