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Al Fayed Charitable Foundation

camillaFor over ten years Francis House has received the extremely generous support of Mr Mohamed Al Fayed and his charitable foundation. Mr Al Fayed first met Kirsty Howard when she was six years old and ever since has supported the hospice through the work of the Kirsty Club.

Mr Al Fayed’s daughter Camilla has now become involved in the Foundations work and shown a keen interest in the support of Francis House and its work with the families from around the North West.

Mr Al Fayed has supported the hospice in many ways some of which you can see by clicking on the Kirsty Club website. He has visited the families, shown his gratitude to the staff and volunteers but most of all by donating a very generous amount each month to help keep the hospice open.

Everyone at Francis House Children’s Hospice are so very grateful for the support that Mr Al Fayed, Camilla and everyone at the Foundation give.

We cannot thank them enough.