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September 2011 – Next Piece in the Jigsaw…

Launch of the Jigsaw Appeal

Our new building will cost 3.5 million pounds to build and that does not include the furniture!

One of our current projects is to develop the excellent work started by Sister Aloysius in the Friend in a Million Appeal.  We want as many people as possible to buy a piece of our online jigsaw.

You can buy a piece by committing to an annual donation.  A corner piece is £100 per year, an edge piece is £50 per year and an inner piece is £25 per year.  Your jigsaw piece will carry your name, company logo or personal message and when the jigsaw is complete the whole picture will be revealed and you will have helped raise over £100,000.00 each year.

So click on the red ‘next piece in the jigsaw’ link and follow the instructions.  If you are unable to access the jigsaw online please contact Pauline on 0161 434 7252.

Thank you for your support.