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Sibling Support

‘Seasons’ is a group for siblings, all brothers and sisters are invited to take part. Through fun and adventure activities the young people are able to realise that others have similar issues and concerns. The Seasons team help them to realise that they are important as individuals and that they are not alone in facing the problems associated with having a sick brother or sister.

Parent Support

This team is made up of our Homecare team, the Bereavement team plus Gill and Geraldine. The Chaplain is also available if required. The Parent Support team are available to listen to any concerns that parents may wish to share and will help with practical and clinical advice where necessary.
Gill organises regular parent support group meetings. We provide a meal and the opportunity to chat or ask questions. Many parents are able to share their own knowledge and experience and this can help parents who are only just coming to terms with their child’s life limiting condition.
We also run focus groups on specific relevant topics and this is a chance for parents to tell us how they feel and share their experiences.

Bereavement Support

Our team is devoted to the personal care and support of families whose child has died.
Care team members will support families in the days following their child’s death. They can provide practical help and support when dealing with the registrar, coroner and help with arranging funeral services.
Practical help and emotional and spiritual support are available for as long as it is needed.
The team are also available to people who though not bereaved might have anxieties about the future care of their child.
Any young people with personal concerns are able to discuss these with the team.

Bereavement Support for Siblings

The ‘Shining Stars’ group provides support for brothers and sisters whose sibling has died. Fun, craft and musical activities are used to help children and young people express their concerns and begin to work through their grief.
Each year bereaved families are invited to a Memory Day. Families come together for an act of remembrance and a buffet lunch. The day gives families and the Care team a chance to share memories and celebrate the lives of their children.

24 Hour Listening

Families may telephone at any time to talk to a Care team member (this is operated on an informal basis).

Contact System

Families have 2 or 3 named staff allocated to them. These members of the Care team will contact you between visits and will act as your advocate if you wish.