Have a clothing clear out and help fund our work.

Adding items to recycling bank

Recycling textiles at one of our BIU banks

BIU Group

Through our recycling partnership with BIU Group, your unwanted clothes, shoes and textiles can earn valuable funds for us.

Our textile banks can be found all across Greater Manchester and Rossendale, meaning that you can easily visit your nearest bank to get rid of all your old gear. Your donations will be sold to second-hand clothing traders in the UK and worldwide, or recycled into mattress filling or insulation if they’re no longer in a wearable condition.


We benefit from an agreed percentage of the proceeds and thanks to generous clothing contributions from the local community an important and valued funding stream has been sustained for the Hospice since the partnership began.

This also means you are not only contributing to affordable clothing supplies for worldwide communities and helping the environment by reducing waste at landfill sites, but benefiting the children and families of Francis House at the same time.

We are so grateful to everyone who frequents our many banks with their unwanted textiles.

Find your nearest textile bank
Clothing recycling bank in Altrincham

Host a clothing bank

Host a bank

Do you own or manage land? Is there space in your car park? Can you spare a small area outside your building? If you think you can help us by hosting one of our banks, please get in touch with our fundraiser and we will arrange for BIU Group to contact you to discuss the suitability of your space.

In return, you’ll benefit from BIU’s Milestone Scheme, which recognises the generosity of our site hosts by marking your achievements with certificates, social media acknowledgments and press releases as you reach and exceed milestones based on the number of bags collected.

Our relationship with BIU is now into its eighth year and we recently passed £125k income. We love working with the team at BIU and hope to continue our partnership for many years to come."

Peter Forster, fundraising manager