At Francis House

We rely on people to volunteer their time on the reception desk and in the kitchen at our children and young adults Hospice in Didsbury.

Laura preparing meals in the kitchen

Volunteering in the kitchen at Francis House.

Due to the Coronavirus crisis we have suspended our recruitment of volunteers in the Hospice. 

Francis House Children’s Hospice opened in 1991 and has become a lifeline to countless families from across the north west of England.

Why do we need volunteers?

Our volunteers are very important to us and make a big difference by:

  • Bringing knowledge, life skills and ideas
  • Providing a presence in the local communities that we serve
  • Performing tasks that enable us to save money, allowing us to spend more on services that support families.

Our volunteers are aged between 20 and 92 years provide more than 275 working hours a week.

More than 70 people volunteer at Francis House working more than 90 hours in the kitchen and 36 hours on reception.

We employ two chefs and thirty three people volunteer in the two kitchens in Francis House and Francis Lodge, preparing and serving food at meal times and washing and clearing up.

Our volunteers save us almost £112,000 a year! (based on national minimum wage).

What can you get from volunteering?

As well as helping us to continue to support the families in greatest need, you will:

  • Meet new people and be part of an enthusiastic team
  • Learn or develop new skills
  • Spend your time doing something worthwhile and gain a sense of achievement
  • Enhance the prospect of getting a job.

Ready to volunteer?

Please note: volunteer recruitment is currently suspended due to the Coronavirus crisis.

We are really grateful for the devotion to Francis House shown by our volunteers but we still need more help in the hospice.

Busy lunch and teatime periods need covering on a regular basis.

If you are aged 18 years of age or over and are interested in volunteering, call 0161 443 2200 and speak to Rachael Taylor.

Volunteers are not involved in direct childcare activities.

In order to maintain high standards of care and service we invest time in selecting and checking prospective volunteers. For this reason we ask that people applying are able to make a regular commitment for a minimum 12 month period.

Apply now

Please note: volunteer recruitment is currently suspended due to the Coronavirus crisis.

For all our volunteer positions within the hospice we ask that you first complete an application form and return it to: Volunteer Co-ordinator, Francis House Children’s Hospice, 390 Parrswood Road, Didsbury M20 5NA.

Thank you for offering to volunteer at Francis House!