Architects to take on gruelling Great Wall of China marathon

Team look forward to beautiful brutal challenge.

BTP team prepare for Great Wall of China marathon

Leanne Taylor, Emma Cross, Manuel Atkinson and Vicky Saunders in training for China run.

An intrepid team of fundraisers from Stockport-based BTP Architects is taking on one of the world’s most challenging marathons to raise vital funds for Francis House.

Vicky Saunders, Leanne Taylor, Manuel Atkinson and Emma Cross, all of BTP, are currently in training for China’s Great Wall Marathon on the 18th May. The gruelling challenge attracts participants from all over the world and involves climbing up 5,164 steps, often in sweltering conditions.

BTP Architects has supported Francis House for a number of years including taking part in various races.

Vicky Saunders, managing director of BTP Architects, said: “This event will be a massive step up from our previous 10km runs and half marathons.

“In fact, the notion of doing the Great Wall of China Marathon was initially suggested in the office as a joke as it is one of hardest marathons in the world! But on reflection, the team thought it would be a great experience and a fantastic opportunity to raise funds for our company charity Francis House, which does such great work for local children.”

Reality is now setting in as the fabulous four are out training most evenings and weekends before the big challenge in under two months.

Julie Williams, fundraising officer at Francis House said: “We would like to wish the team from BTP Architects the best of luck with their fundraising quest to China and thank them for once again choosing Francis House as the beneficiary of this fantastic challenge event.”

The team will line up alongside runners from 60 other nations to climb the walls huge steps during the 26 mile race.

“We’re calling on our friends and supporters to give generously to keep us going in May and raise as much as possible for this important cause.”

Vicky Saunders, managing director of BTP Architects

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