Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of Francis House Family Trust developed from belief in the sanctity of life and the dignity of the person.

Francis House and Francis Lodge exist to provide appropriate care for children and young people with life-threatening and life-shortening conditions and the necessary support and short-term rest for their families.

The Hospice movement is concerned with the process of dying and with bereavement.

While it is true that Hospices have usually been founded by people of a specific faith, the service that a hospice seeks to offer always respects the understanding, vision and attitude to life and death of the person and family who seek help in the crisis which they face.

Francis House will seek to offer to young people and their families this very specific service.

Whereas hospitals must focus on the curing of those who are ill, the Hospice will focus on the care of those for whom a cure is unlikely.

Medical and all other support will be centred on comfort and quality of care and a dignified death.  This is the specific vision, which Francis House will seek to share with all of the young people who use its services and their families.


"We try to hear, respect and value every member of the family, each as individuals with their own needs."

Reverend David Ireland, Chief Executive