Francis House provides care for children and young adults with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition, where life expectancy is not anticipated to exceed young adulthood.

Care team member Rachel with Henry

Care is provided by a skilled and experienced care team member.

Caring for your child as you would

Our multi-professional care team looks after the children. The team consists of Registered sick children’s nurses, general nurses, nursery nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, play specialists and creative therapists.

A team of Doctors with experience in paediatric palliative care are on call twenty four hours each day.


  • The child is diagnosed as having a condition indicating a short life expectancy. In this context short life expectancy means that the child is unlikely to live beyond their twenties.
  • On referral a child must be under the age of 16 years old and should not be receiving care from any other children’s hospice.

A referral can be made by anyone who knows the child well however parents must give consent for a referral to be made.

Though referral is usually prior to their sixteenth birthday, once accepted onto the roll at Francis House young people and their families will continue to receive care and support for the remainder of their lives or until they choose otherwise.

We acknowledge that the word Hospice can cause anxiety at what may already be a worrying time.

Francis House has longstanding experience in guiding parents and professionals through the referral process.

Watch what we offer

“I thought I was coming to Francis House to die, but it was the place that I learned to live.”

Shadia aged 17