For Professionals

Referral by Professionals

A referral can be made by anyone who knows the child well however parents must give consent for a referral to be made.

Doctor with stethoscope listening to a child breathing

Children should generally be under sixteen years on referral.

Once accepted onto the roll of Francis House young people and their families continue to receive care and support for the remainder of their lives or until they choose otherwise.

We acknowledge that the word Hospice can cause anxiety at what may already be a worrying time. Francis House has longstanding experience in guiding parents and professionals through the referral process.

How to make a referral

Step 1Ask the parents to complete the Parental Consent Form (A). (Urgent referrals may be accepted if a parent gives verbal consent to the Hospice)
Step 2Complete the Referral Form (B) providing as much information as possible.
Step 3The Hospice will approach other involved professionals (i.e. General Practitioners, Hospital Consultants) for additional clinical information. Clinicians may provide medical information using the Medical Information Form (C).
Step 4Once all of the clinical information has been received the Hospice referral panel will make a decision regarding acceptance on to the roll (note: occasionally additional information may be requested). The decision will be communicated to the parents and you will receive a copy.
Step 5When a young person is accepted on to the roll our Homecare Team will contact the family to arrange a visit.

Download Forms A, B and C

Urgent Referral for End of Life Care

In the event of an urgent referral for end of life care or if the child has died and the family wishes to use our Rainbow Room (mortuary suite) and access the Bereavement Support which we offer, the clinician should telephone the Hospice directly and ask to speak to one of the Clinical Leads or Senior.