Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

We are committed to keeping your information secure and managing it in accordance with our legal responsibilities under privacy and data protection laws where we operate.  We do not and will not sell your information to third parties.

Francis House Family Trust is the registered Charity responsible for Francis House Children’s Hospice. Our registered Charity number is 328659. Francis House Family Trust is also a Company registered by Guarantee and our Registered Address is 390 Parrswood Road Didsbury Manchester M20 5NA.

This privacy policy explains the following:

  • What information Francis House may collect about you and how we collect that information
  • How we will use any information we have collected from you
  • Whether Francis House will disclose your information to anyone else
  • Your choices regarding the personal information you have provided to us

All the data that we collect from you will be used and held in accordance with the requirements of current legislation including the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

We collect information in the following ways:

  • From visitors to the website we will obtain personal information from you when, for example, you complete any online forms, enquire about our activities, make a donation, apply to become a volunteer, or register with us for any other purpose.
  • From our partner websites (for example the London Marathon website or fundraising sites like Virgin Money or Just Giving);
  • From public registers such as:

the Royal Mail database, containing information of those consumers who have ticked the ‘opt out’ box when registering for the re-direction service in order to keep our database updated in the case contacts change address.

The TPS file, containing details of individuals at their residential address, who have registered their wish not to receive unsolicited marketing calls.

  • via telephone (for example if you make a telephone donation);
  • via post;
  • in person (for example, you might decide to support us after meeting one of our fundraisers or volunteers).

From Third Parties

  • If you have consented to share data via your settings, third parties will share data with us, such as fundraising activities from Just Giving, Virgin Money, and similar sites or social media sites.

When you interact with us, we may collect the following data from you:

Name, address, email, date of birth, and bank or credit card information where you support our work. When you use our website, we will use cookies and services like Google Analytics and other statistical services to help improve the site and services to you.

Where it is appropriate we may also ask for:

  • information relating to your health or disability (for example if you want to help us by taking part to a marathon)
  • an emergency contact (for the same reason explained in the point above)
  • why you have decided to donate to us

How we use your personal information

We process personal information for the following:

  1. To communicate with you regarding any opportunities to support Francis House including activities you have volunteered for or events you have signed up to
  2. To administer your financial transactions with us including any donations, fees and processing any related gift aid
  3. To keep a record of our relationship with you and to help us better inform our services to you in the future
  4. To communicate with you based on your preferences, including sending you information about our work and how you can support it, that we feel may be relevant or of interest to you
  5. To profile our supporters by geographic, demographic and other information from the sources above allows us to provide relevant and timely communications and a more tailored service to you. Profiling allows us to focus our resources, maximising the effectiveness of the financial support we receive and allowing us to make appropriate requests for additional support from those who may be able and willing to contribute more

We will send you information according to the preferences you expressed. You can express your preferences via our donation form / data capture form / online form.  If you would like to change these preferences at any point, please email us at or call us on 0161 443 2200. Alternatively you can also write to us at Francis House Fundraising Office 390 Parrswood Road Didsbury Manchester M20 5NA.

We may also contact you by post, in addition to the above, with relevant and timely communications on the work the charity is doing, to give you the opportunity to help us campaign and fundraise for Francis House.  We believe that by engaging with the charity, you would reasonably expect to be kept informed when opportunities arise, but you may opt out at any time if you don’t feel they are relevant for you.

We will not send these communications by electronic means (including email, SMS, telephone) unless you specifically give us consent to do so.

Your data and your rights

You have a right to ask us to stop processing your personal data, and assuming that it’s not essential for the purpose you provided it for (e.g. processing a donation or registering you for an event), we will do so.

You have the right to see what personal data we hold about you.  To obtain a copy of the personal information we hold about you, please write to Data Officer Francis House Fundraising Office 390 Parrswood Road Didsbury Manchester M20 5NA enclosing proof of your identity. We will supply the information as requested or advise you if we are unable to comply for any reason.

We will never sell or share the information belonging to our supporters. Sometimes we run an event in partnership with a third party and in order to administer the event we will need to share the information with them. However, we always make this clear to you up front and will respect your wishes if you decide not to participate.