Francis House support gives couple honeymoon break

Lynne and Simon Veichmanis were able to go on honeymoon thanks to the support provided by Francis House Children’s Hospice.

The couple met fifteen years ago, and had their first child Jack, now 13, when Lynne was nineteen.

Jack has cerebral palsy, but it was after the birth of their daughter five years later, that the lives of the family from Brandlesholme, north Bury were changed forever.

Mia was born with a life-limiting condition called Jacobsen syndrome.  A rare genetic disorder which affects only 1 in 100,000 people and causes delayed development, cognitive and behavioural problems.

During the first few years of Mia’s life, the family endured prolonged hospital stays.

She also has epilepsy and Paris-Trousseau syndrome a blood platelet disorder. A simple cut requires immediate medical attention in A&E with tranexamic acid to stop the bleeding.

Lynne gave up working in the family’s chip shop in Radcliffe to care for her daughter twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

“From the minute she wakes up she’s very vocal and very loud, she lets everyone know she’s around,” said Lynne “Mia is a live wire, and wants her own way all of the time and she gets it!”

When the couple finally married in 2016, a surprise honeymoon was organised without Lynne’s knowledge.

Only after discovering that Francis House had arranged to care for Mia to enable the newlyweds to enjoy a much needed break, did Lynne agree to fly to Benidorm.

Lynne said: “My mind was at ease because I knew she’d be having a ball here. She’s been coming for short breaks since she was around two years old. The bond she has with the staff is amazing. They know what she is like with biting and pinching and she has quite a temper. But she also is very loving and has a beautiful smile.

“The honeymoon was a precious time for us. Simon and I have never been away just the two of us.”

“We sat on the plane and it was a big relief knowing she was safe and being well looked after.”

“For those seven days we had quality time together all because Francis House could do that for us.”

Husband Simon runs Jack’s Chippy in Radcliffe, where he works six days a week, from six in the morning until half past nine at night.

Lynne cannot praise the care and support provided by Francis House highly enough and has even helped to refer two neighbouring families from Bury who both now come for respite care at the hospice.


“Mia loves coming here, when we turn at the traffic lights she is so excited and she starts laughing louder and louder. They take her to the farm and bowling alley and she loves the garden.”

“It’s easy driving here, and at the end of the day even if it took me hours to get here it wouldn’t bother me because seeing her so happy makes it all worthwhile.”

Whilst Mia is cared for at Francis House it allows Lynne and Simon to spend valuable time with Jack.

“For Jack’s birthday we could do what Jack wanted. Mia was at Francis House enjoying herself and we went on the Manchester City tour as they both are big City fans. Being able to do what Simon and Jack both love was so amazing.”

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