Our 30th Anniversary

To celebrate our 30th Anniversary year, we are asking supporters, staff, volunteers and families to share their favourite Francis House memory.

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Francis House Memories

Lynda Cardwell’s Memory

A former student suggested Francis House as the recipients of the profits from our annual charity show. This began a relationship that has lasted 20 years.

John Andrew’s Memory

Francis House has organised Golfing Holidays since 1996 raising many thousands of pounds. Destinations from Barbados, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Turkey, Ireland, Scotland…

Tim Grogan’s Memory

So many memories but the one that springs to mind, because we raised our biggest amount of money, was the “can you sing” event in 2014.

Nick Rose’s Memory

I’ll never forget working with the amazing team at Francis House for our Guinness World Record breaking 72 hour football match back in 2013.