The Francis House Great Didsbury Easter Chick Hunt

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, unfortunately many of our events have had to be cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future.

This includes our Easter Chick Hunt fundraiser, so we have instead put together this virtual chick hunt for you to take part no matter where you live!

Find 20 characterful chicks hiding in the map below, learn a fact about the hospice and then enter our fun quiz.

In the run up to Easter, large knitted Easter chicks come home to roost in the windows of shops, restaurants, cafes and businesses throughout Didsbury village for the Francis House Easter Chick Hunt.

New for 2020

From 3 – 30 April all our chicks will remain with us, but you can still find them all on our virtual chick trail. Click on a location to reveal the name of the chick, its temporary home and an interesting fact about Francis House. Test your memory and answer all 22 questions to reveal your score. Please help Francis House and the families we support by making a donation.

Staff from Gusto Didsbury with knitted chick

Kindly Sponsored by

Lady Barn House School

Thank you to Maria for knitting the original chicks and members of the Didsbury Traders.


The Francis House Great Didsbury Easter Chick Hunt Quiz

Who officially opened Francis House?

1. Lord Mayor
2. Princess Diana
3. Sir Alex Ferguson

What year was Francis House opened?

1. 1991
2. 1920
3. 2014

We care for families with poorly children, teenagers and young adults, how many?

1. 120
2. 250
3. 500

Where in Didsbury is Francis House?

1. Parrswood Road
2. Didsbury Road
3. Wilsmlow Road

How much will it cost to run Francis House this year?

1. £2 million
2. £4.7 million
3. £450,000

Which chick found at Home Café is Eggspresso?

What are each of the bedrooms at Francis House named after?

1. Farm animals
2. Colours of the rainbow
3. Famous singers

Where is the Francis House charity shop based?

1. New York
2. Burnage
3. London

What is the name of the teenage and young adult wing at Francis House?

1. Didsbury House
2. Francis Lodge
3. Garden Lodge

When did Francis Lodge open?

1. 2014
2. 1990
3. 2018

Who can stay at Francis House?

1. The whole family
2. Children only
3. Parents only

How many days each year is Francis House open?

1. 12 days
2. 300 days
3. 365 days

How many bedrooms does Francis House have?

1. 7
2. 14
3. 4

Which chick found at Giddy Goat Toys is Thunderbeak?

Which year did the Knitted Easter Chick Appeal begin?

1. 1910
2. 2001
3. 1983

How much did the Knitted Easter Chick appeal raise last year?

1. £3 million
2. £459
3. £72,000

What chocolatey treat do we use for our Easter chick campaign?

1. Chocolate penny
2. Cadburys Crème Egg
3. Mars Bar

Which African country send thousands of knitted chicks to Francis House?

1. Uganda
2. Ghana
3. Kenya

How many family flats are at Francis House?

1. Two
2. Seven
3. Four

How many volunteers do we have in the hospice?

1. 80
2. 24
3. 55

Sensory, music, computer and soft play – name another activity room in Francis House?

1. Lazer Quest
2. Bowling Alley
3. Cinema Room

What is the name of our Francis House mascot?

1. Ted
2. David Beckham
3. Francis Mouse

All 22 questions completed!

The Francis House Great Didsbury Easter Chick Hunt Quiz

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