Laura’s story

Laura combines volunteering with working full-time.

Laura Kitchen Volunteer

Laura works full-time and volunteers in the kitchen at the weekend

Our volunteers are aged between 20 and 92 years and provide more than 275 working hours a week.

Laura, 22, found working at the Hospice – on the reception and in the kitchen – a completely different experience to the one she was expecting.

“I wasn’t sure whether it would be a sad atmosphere but all the staff are so lovely and friendly, and all the children are happy when they are here and always have a great time.”

“You do sometimes see things that are hard to deal with, but you look at yourself and it makes you thankful for what you have and how you are.”

Working full-time in the marketing office at Together – a finance company based at Cheadle Royal Business Park, has proved no barrier to Laura’s commitment.

Every Sunday afternoon she gives three hours of her time to work in the kitchen.

“Yes I can come in and I might be a little tired but then you look around and you think there are people here who would give anything to feel how I feel – it gives you a bit of a reality check. I really enjoy it.” Laura said.

“I think people volunteer for different reasons: depending on what the charity means to them, or if you or family members have been helped by a charity. I chose Francis House because it is local to me and it’s for children, and I’m quite passionate about helping children’s charities."