Nicky’s story

Teacher Nicky enjoys working with volunteers of all ages.

Nicky prepares hot food in the Francis Lodge kitchen

Nicky volunteers in the kitchen at Francis Lodge

Teacher Nicky is one of our 70 dedicated volunteers and helps out in our kitchen after school on Thursdays.

“I wanted to do something practical and making tea for the children and young people is really satisfying. It’s only a small time commitment, and I get fed too, it’s very worthwhile!”

“I enjoy coming here, I thought it might be a bit clinical but it feels so homely and it’s a really nice place to spend a couple of hours a week.”

“What struck me is how helpful and interested in you the nurses, carers and other volunteers are. You can talk and share your day which is really nice.”


“I really enjoy working with the other volunteers. Working with teenagers at school, I don’t get to talk to older people much, I get a lot out of it."