Our Gill

GillWorking at Francis House is arguably one of the toughest jobs around – and also one of the most satisfying.

“It’s not something someone can walk in off the street and do. We have lots of children and young people with significant medical needs,” said Gill Bevin, Head of Care.  “When you come to Francis House you can see it’s very lively and for the most part it’s a really happy place to be.”

Gill has more than 70 members in her Care team, a figure that will soon increase significantly with the hospice doubling in size to 14 beds early next year when the new extension opens.

“We provide emotional support for young people. That’s a fairly new service we’re offering and that we need to expand, as well as the Bereavement and Homecare team,” explained Gill, whose predecessor Margaret Hickie held the role for 18 years since the hospice opened.  “We keep children as comfortable as possible to alleviate pain. Sometimes the toughest times for parents and the care team is not necessarily the end of a child’s life, but their journey.

“Our job is to give as much quality of life, if life is short let’s make sure it’s lived to the fullest.”

It’s not too late to sponsor Gill for her trek through the Jordanian desert.  Please visit www.justgiving.com/Gill-Bevin

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