Hallidays team jump 15,000 feet for Francis House

A team of daredevils from Hallidays accountants in Stockport took to the skies and completed a charity skydive raising almost £1,000.

Hallidays sky diving team holding certificates

Despite the recent bad weather, skydiving enthusiast Nicola Jackson (Hallidays Payroll Manager) along with first time skydivers Katie Cheetham and Tom Shaw (Hallidays Client Support) bravely completed their tandem jumps from the impressive height of 3 miles high (15,000 feet), reaching speeds of up to 150mph.

Nicola was first to jump and said: “It’s been six years since my last skydive and I was surprised how nervous I felt. It was a nice surprise to be reunited with my previous instructor. After giving Katie and Tom lots of words of encouragement I hope they didn’t hear my screaming as I left the plane! This was my favourite skydive I’ve done so far, the views across Morecambe Bay were spectacular and I even managed to land on my feet.”

Katie Cheetham was next to jump and said: “I was so excited sitting in the plane beforehand as we climbed higher and higher; but moving to the open door, ready to jump was absolutely terrifying! The instructors gave me confidence and suddenly we were free falling so fast I couldn’t hear anything. When the parachute opened the views were amazing, blue skies and I could see Blackpool Tower and the sea. It was over far too quickly! I’m turning 30 next year and skydiving was one of the challenges I’d set myself. It’s something I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing 5 years ago but it’s given me a sense of achievement and I’m proud to have raised money for Francis House”.

Tom Shaw, who recently joined the Hallidays team admits he was nervous on the drive there but soon got excited and motivated watching Nicola and Katie’s successful jumps. After a short delay due to bad weather Tom took to the skies and was determined. He said: “It went so fast, I was focusing so hard on my breathing technique that it was hard to take it all in. It was amazing going through the clouds and to feel the chill. It was a massive buzz afterwards and it took about an hour for the reality of what I’d done to kick in!”

Hallidays aim to raise £5,000 to support the vital work of the hospice. Having already completed a marathon in Norway and a bike ride from Manchester to Blackpool they are now planning their next big challenge.

To support the Hallidays skydivers visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/hallidays-francis-house


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