Short Form Film Company donation thanks to footballing star Marcus Rashford.

Man Utd and England’s Marcus Rashford went back to his roots and took part in a scene for the hit children’s show ‘Jamie Johnson’. It was filmed outside the actual house in which he grew up in Wythenshawe, where Marcus practiced and played for hours on end.

The scene will be aired next year in the upcoming series. Short Form Film Company said: “Everyone is incredibly excited that Marcus took part in the show, and went back to where it all began.”

In recognition of Marcus taking part, Short Form Film Company made a contribution to Francis House, which has a special personal connection with Marcus’ family.

His mum Melanie Maynard said: “Marcus is a very down to earth local lad who is non-judgemental and has never forgotten the roots where he came from. He is an inspiration to his family, friends and the community. This donation has been given in a reflection of what this boy is about.”

We would like to thank Short Form Film Company and Marcus Rashford for the support, and we look forward to seeing Marcus on screen next year!


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