Trustee Trekker

JudyTeacher Judy Amosi-Khodadad has recently returned from a journey back to the Middle East in November as part of a 22-strong group from Francis House who undertook a five-day trek in Jordan.  Each participant raised at least £1000 and paid their own fare.

They visited the ancient site of Petra, now a tourist destination after it was lost to the Western world for centuries.  It was used as a film location for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Judy, who celebrated her birthday during the trip, said,

“I grew up in neighbouring Israel and it’s always been a dream of mine to visit Petra.  I really enjoy walking and hiking in Cheshire so can’t wait for a change of scenery to the deserts and amazing landscapes of Jordan.”

Judy is a volunteer on reception as well as a Trustee at Francis House and said,

“I got involved after I dropped off clothes and toys for the charity shop five years ago, it’s an incredible place.”

Head of Care Gill Bevin marked her 50th birthday during the Jordan adventure while CEO David Ireland and his wife Judith were also among the party.

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