Up, Up and Away

The sky’s the limit…come and join the spectacular Francis House virtual balloon race.

Entries are open for a fun-filled balloon race that is a 100% eco-friendly way to raise vital funds for Francis House.

The seven-day computer simulation race – where everything is real except for the balloon – can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

The race starts on September 14 and using live weather data, the progress of each balloon is determined. Balloons can then be tracked on Google Maps and Satellites from the ecoracing website.

Virtual balloons can be purchased for £3 each and personalised by name, colour, shape and pattern. Selecting different features such as weight, thickness of latex and the amount of helium used inflate the balloon can enhance or hinder its chances of winning.

"Come and join us on the School’s Back virtual balloon race, a fantastic event that’s great fun and will get the whole family involved. Challenge friends, schoolmates and members of your own family, or set up in competition with your colleagues to see which of you will be the overall champion."

Susie Poppitt, event co-ordinator

“Not only will you be helping us raise vital funds for Francis House, but you’ll have all the excitement of racing your virtual balloon to win some fantastic prizes at the same time,” added Susie.

The race, titled, “School’s Back” to coincide with the end of the summer break, will set off from Red Square, Moscow on Monday, September 14 at 12.00 noon.

First prize, for the balloon that travels the farthest is £500 cash, second prize is an Apple iPad, and there will also be 10 lucky winners of £10 book tokens.

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