Fundraising materials

If you would like to borrow Francis House collection materials for a fundraising event, we will be happy to assist you.

Francis House charity collection tins

The expert care and support we provide is very costly and our annual running costs exceed £4.8 million. We rely heavily on our supporters to help us to fundraise.

Fundraise using Francis House materials

You can supply t-shirts, banners, balloons, collection boxes and buckets for use at your own fundraising events.

Here are a few guidelines to help with your fundraising:

Keep it sealed When borrowing a collection box or bucket, both need to be sealed for the duration of your event. On a collection box there will be a sticky paper ring-seal around the top of the box. This is tamper-proof and will rip if removed. On a collection bucket a large white plastic lid goes inside the bucket. This lid must be secure by sticking security seals to it and the inside of the bucket. Some buckets have holes so that cable ties can be fed through to tie off and seal them.

Need to give change By sealing the buckets, it proves to people at your event that you are collecting, but are not using the buckets for change. If you are doing an event which requires providing change, then it may be easier for you to use a cash box. Please speak to the fundraising team to discuss your needs.

Permission and permits If you are using the buckets or boxes at a fixed event – perhaps at a fun day at a pub where you have the manager’s permission – you don’t need a permit. If you intend to collect in your local town or supermarket, then you will need to obtain permission from the local council or supermarket. Speak to the fundraising team about obtaining a permit.

Be polite If you do take part in a bucket collection, then please be polite and do not shake your boxes or ask directly for money.  Say things like: “Help Francis House” or “Support your local Children’s Hospice.”  Eye contact and smiling works well when people can see your buckets.

Thank you and good luck with your fundraising!

Get in touch with the fundraising team
Boy holding a charity collection bucket

Oscar collected £54 in a bucket collection at his local supermarket