Children and families

Francis House - accommodation is provided for the whole family.

Francis House provides care and support for children and their family.  We recognise the parents’ expertise in caring for their children and work in partnership with them to provide the best possible care.

Children are able to come for a respite stay on their own or with their parents and/or their brothers and sisters.

A bedroom for every child

The bedrooms are named after the colours of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and the gold room (which is a specially adapted room for children and young people with hyperactive conditions).

Every bedroom has a television which is connected to our media system and has hundreds of DVDs and songs to choose from.  There is also a PS4 in every room.

There are six flats available for families to stay and in addition there is a bed settee in each of the bedrooms to enable siblings or parents to sleep in the same room as their child/sibling if they prefer.

Our dedicated multi-disciplinary and experienced care team provide the care and clinical requirements of the children who are referred to Francis House.  The team also provide emotional, psychological and spiritual support for the children, their parents and siblings.

Francis House aims to provide a home from home environment and experience for the child and their family, in comfortable well-furnished and equipped surroundings.

"Francis House is a place for the whole family to relax and have fun - a home from home where they find support and understanding."

Sharon Doodson, Director of Care