Teenagers and young adults

Francis Lodge - an age appropriate facility for teenagers and young adults.

Care team member with young person

Phil and care team member Gio in the games and computer room at Francis Lodge

Francis Lodge provides an age-appropriate environment for young adults where they can receive care, spend time with friends whilst enjoying social activities, and take the opportunity to discuss the things which concern them.

Young people that come to the Hospice are not transitioned to adult services.  Once young people are accepted they can use our services until either they choose not to or until they come to the end of their lives.

Francis Lodge where teenagers and young adults can relax enjoy some independence.

Francis Lodge is a parent free zone which encourages independence and helps build social skills.  Young people can invite a sibling or a friend of a similar age to stay with them.  The Lodge uses the latest digital technology to provide sophisticated media systems, an internet based sensory room and a recording studio which incorporates a home cinema.

It is a place where young people are able to relax, make friends and experience some of the new things that their peers enjoy.

The six bedrooms are named after cities of the world: Sydney, Mumbai, London, Paris, New York and Beijing.

Every bedroom has a TV which is connected to our media system and has hundreds of DVDs and songs to choose from. There is also gaming available in every room.

What age do you have to be to stay in Francis Lodge?

Children from 13 years of age upwards can choose to stay in the parent-free zone. It is specifically designed to cater for teenagers and young adults, who prefer to stay independent of their parents, or just prefer a more age-appropriate environment.

Who will look after me when I stay?

Lads in Francis Lodge Lounge with care team

Our multi-disciplinary and experienced care team provide all your care and clinical requirements. The team also provide emotional, psychological and spiritual support for you and your siblings. Francis Lodge is equipped to cater for young people of all abilities.

Can my friends or siblings stay with me?

There are 2 flats available in the Lodge for a brother/sister or a friend of a similar age (over 13) to stay with you. In addition there is a bed settee in every bedroom to enable siblings or friends to stay in the same room if they prefer.

What is there to do?

Young person playing violin

Lots! We try to respect your independence and choice when you come to Francis Lodge. You can enjoy the fantastic facilities, or you may choose to go shopping, bowling, to the cinema, to the pub and you will always be supported by the care team.

How long can I continue to use Francis Lodge for respite?

Young adult and care team staff in Francis Lodge

For as long as you choose to; there isn’t a cut off age.  We have some young people in their early thirties who still enjoy coming and spending time with people they know and care about.

"I've been coming to the hospice for years and now I stay in Francis Lodge. I still need the help of carers but it’s my space and I can get up when I want. When I come here it's my opinion that matters."


Watch the launch of Francis Lodge in 2014