Gift Aid

No donation is too small to be Gift Aided.

Ticking the gift aid box on donation form

Every donation made to Francis House is seen as income by the Inland Revenue and so is taxed accordingly.

But there is a way of reclaiming this tax and what’s more it’s so simple and the charity can benefit by receiving the fullest value on your donation.

Putting this into figures it currently works out an additional 25 pence in the pound coming directly to Francis House.

Gift Aid your donation

Gift Aid can be claimed on individual donations and from fundraising events. All that is needed are the names, addresses and signatures of the people involved in the event – your sponsors for example – and for them to tick the box saying that they agree to Gift Aid their donation.

The only stipulation is that those agreeing to Gift Aid are themselves UK taxpayers. It costs them nothing but makes their donation worth that little bit more to Francis House.

All of our sponsor forms contain a Gift Aid Declaration and there couldn’t be a simpler way of providing additional weight to your efforts.

Boost your gift

Just by providing a few details you will be boosting your gift and making it more effective!

Download a Gift Aid declaration form and return it to our Accounts Office, Francis House Children’s Hospice, 390 Parrswood Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 5NA. Any questions? call the accounts office on 0161 443 2200.