Leave a gift in your Will

Help us to support the families of children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions now and into the future by leaving a gift in your Will.

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Make a Will – Make a Difference

When families are referred to Francis House Children’s Hospice, they often see it as a step too far, by admitting that hospice care is needed they are admitting that life is short.

In fact they become part of the Francis House family, and the sick children come to see it as a holiday when they come for respite stays.

“Both myself and Cameron were supported the whole time by Francis House. We’d both go for respite care. The hospice is filled with amazing people who loved Cameron just as much as I did. He smiled every moment he spent there.”

Kim, Cameron's mum

Making a Will is something that we all know we should do – but we just put it off!

But it is so important to ensure that family and loved ones are properly provided for. Making a Will ensures that things are as straight forward as possible, so as to relieve stress at a difficult and emotional time.


  • When it comes to making a Will, your loved ones and family should come first in your thoughts. But many people also like to remember a special charity that is close to their hearts.
  • Making a Will isn’t difficult or expensive, but we would always recommend that you use a solicitor to prepare the Will for you. Only a properly drawn up Will is recognised by law. It is not enough to just write down your wishes.
  • A Will doesn’t just cover finances and property, but also legal guardians for your children, funeral arrangements, and any donations you would like to leave to charity.

“No matter your age or size of your estate, we always advise our clients to have a Will in place to ensure it passes in accordance with your wishes and to give you peace of mind - why not support a worthy charity in the process.”

Jill Waddington, Head of Private Client Team at O’Donnell Solicitors

If you are planning on writing or updating your Will any time soon, perhaps you would be kind enough to consider including a gift to Francis House.


Why make a Will?

If you haven’t made a Will, the law dictates how your assets must be divided – and the law may not reflect your wishes.

Are there tax benefits to making a Will?

Making a Will is also an opportunity to minimise or eliminate tax payable on death. Should your estate exceed a certain value you may be liable to pay Inheritance Tax when you die. A gift to charity can avoid or reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax you may have to pay. A solicitor will be able to provide you with expert advice in this area.

How does Francis House benefit?

Legacies in Wills left for Francis House Family Trust, are a crucial part of income, allowing Francis House to provide the absolute best respite, homecare, end of life care and bereavement support to more than 600 families. Whatever the size of the gift you make, your legacy will help ensure that short lives can be lived fully and in a way that leaves lots of happy memories.

Legacy Guide

Page from a legacy guide bookletPlease consider including a gift to Francis House in your Will. It will be the gift that helps us make a short life the best that it can be.

For more information download our guide to leaving a legacy – Make a Will Make a Difference.

If you would like a copy to be sent in the post, please contact Rachael Taylor on 0161 443 2200 or email legacies@francishouse.org.uk

Download our guide

During September, you can have your Will written by a Solicitor participating in our Make a Will Month at a special discounted rate.

The reduced fee is then donated to the hospice enabling both you and Francis House to benefit.

Find out more about Make a Will Month.