Sibling Support

Sisters and brothers are welcomed and included in the care offered to the family.

Children playing a game with wool

Seasons activity for siblings at Francis House.

Brothers and sisters who have a sibling with a life-limiting condition may have different experiences to their friends.  Respite provides an opportunity to spend quality time with their family or they may wish to have time pursuing their own interests alongside other young people or with members of the Francis House team.

Brothers and sisters sometimes need additional support, time to talk and space to share their feelings and worries.

At Francis House we try to assign Care team members to provide support.

Siblings receive support and have their own groups and activities.


From the age of five brothers and sisters are invited to join the Seasons group, where they can meet other young people whose sibling also uses the Hospice.

There are two groups for young and older siblings. Groups meet  regularly for age appropriate activities and trips.

The Seasons groups enable brothers and sisters to have fun, make new friends and chat in a relaxed environment. These meetings help Care Team members to get to know them as individuals, allowing more personalised care and support.

“Siblings can feel very isolated, they can have a tough time, watching their brother and sister being ill and their parents going to hospital. They need to be encouraged to step back from their caring role and go and have fun, at Francis House they can come and just be children.”

Maira Williams, nurse and member of the Seasons team

Younger siblings can stay in Francis House.

Older siblings can stay in Francis Lodge.