We offer creative therapy to the children and families at Francis House and it's great fun! Why not use your craft skills and bring a creative twist to your fundraising.

Let your creativity out

Do you have a crafty hobby such as painting, knitting or jewellery making? You could consider selling your creations and donating some or all of the profits to Francis House. Alternatively, you could send some of your crafts to the hospice for us to sell at Christmas fairs. We often sell handmade items donated by supporters around Christmas time. Contact to check if we can take your crafts.

Aprons on!

Bake sales are always popular – who doesn’t love a sweet treat? You could take it one step further and hold a Bake Off, awarding a Star Baker prize to the best entrant and selling off the cakes afterwards.

Show off your culinary skills by organising a Come Dine With Me style competition amongst friends or colleagues, charging a participation fee to raise funds.

Provide a creative seasonal service

You could set up a gift-wrapping service in the run up to Christmas and save stressed out colleagues or friends a fiddly job for a small charge. Or if you have the skills and the time, you could offer to ice personal messages on to Easter eggs or make custom made greetings cards for that special touch.