Whether it's shaving it all off or growing new locks - do something HAIRY.

Brave the shave or face the chop

Shaving your head or having a drastic haircut is a very bold way to support Francis House. Will your friends and family sponsor generously to see you change your locks?

Let it grow

How about sporting a beard or rocking a moustache for a month or two? See how long you can stand the facial fuzz! Perhaps every £10 you raise could equal another week before the final shave?

Wax it off

No pain, no gain! Let your friends and family pay to see you endure a leg, chest or full body wax. You could even sell strips and charge them for the privilege of tearing off a patch.

Have a Messy Hair Day

Go mad with a weird and wonderful do, and get the rest of your office or class on board too for a small donation. Go crazy with colour or wild with style – the bolder the better! You could even make it into a competition with a prize for the zaniest mane.