Do something different. The more challenging the better.

Jo Davies Jimmy Cricket Andy O'Sullivan Sam Young at Jimmy Cricket Fun Run

Jo Davies lost weight to take part in Jimmy Cricket's 5k 70th Birthday race.

Give it up for Francis House

Quit those bad habits using support for Francis House as your motivation. Would your friends and families sponsor you to give up smoking, sugary drinks or alcohol? Whether long-term or just for a month, it’s a tricky but rewarding challenge to set for yourself. If you don’t want to collect sponsorship, you could donate the money you save on funding the habits to Francis House instead.

A sponsored something

What could you do differently for a day, week or month that you could collect sponsorship for? The more challenging or humiliating, the better! A sponsored silence, a sponsored three-legged day, a sponsored fancy dress week – the possibilities are endless.

A fundraise-athon!

Throwing any kind of event distinct by its length or endurance can be such a unique and effective way to raise funds. There are so many ideas you could come up with – from the more conventional events like dance-athons, read-athons or spin-athons to the more creative ideas such as 24-hours of Monopoly, karaoke or bouncing on a bouncy castle – whatever tickles your fancy! You could take it one step further by looking up the world record for your chosen activity and aiming to beat it.

Team of 36 football players at 72 hour football match.

Stockport based Midshire organised a non-stop 72 hour football match and raised £25k.