Social event

Organise and plan an event.

Garden party guests

Hosting a garden party can be a great way to raise funds

The ideas on this page were written prior to the outbreak of Coronavirus. Please be sure to adhere to the UK Government’s current guidelines on social distancing and local restrictions.

Something sociable

Invite your friends round for a day or night of fun whilst fundraising. Events like cheese and wine nights, coffee mornings, garden parties and BBQs always go down well. Depending on the event you choose, you could ask your guests to donate the cost of an evening out, or charge small fees for cakes, games or crafts.

Community fun

If you want to go one step bigger, hosting an event for the community requires a lot of thought, time and careful planning – but with hard work, they can raise lots of funds and be great fun for your guests! Whether it’s a fun day, quiz night, fashion show, dinner dance or something else entirely, our fundraising team will be happy to help and advise. Bear in mind that there are laws governing all charity activity, and some of them might be applicable to your event. Speak to one of the team for advice 0161 443 2200.

Guests at a Disney themed evening

A Magical Evening of Disney organised by Anna Challenger

Support us through existing events

Does your child’s dance class hold an end of year show? Or maybe your gym has an annual spin-a-thon event? Whatever it is, we’d love for you to nominate Francis House as a charity to benefit. If it is not usually a fundraising event, you could ask the organisers whether they’d consider holding a collection or donating some of the proceeds from tickets.

Get competitive

Round up your friends, neighbours or co-workers to go head-to-head in a sporting tournament, such as 5-a-side football, boules or tennis. Alternatively, you could look into organising a golf day or set up a dance off competition. Just make sure you have the appropriate permissions in place if you’re hosting the event in a public location. How you raise funds is up to you – you could charge entry fees, ask participants to collect sponsorship or sell spectator tickets.

Other ideas